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In order to make your academic experience stress-free, please see your academic advisor at least three times during each semester as a follow-up for your academic success.

Don’t procrastinate; make an appointment to see your academic advisor today!

If you have a question regarding a perspective requirement, which course(s) you still need to complete within your major/double major/minor, the number of hours you need to graduate, or your career as an English major, you will need to set up an appointment to see your assigned academic advisor within the Department of English and Foreign Languages.

NSU Writing Center

The Writing Center empowers students to establish a more versatile and effective method of writing by acknowledging diverse learning styles, being attentive and nonjudgmental during tutorials, reducing distraction, encouraging careful synthesis and expression of ideas and building relationships. We strive to cultivate active writers across all disciplines, all the time.

Student Success Center

The Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center promotes student learning and degree completion by providing academic support services and programs that inform, empower and facilitate student success.  

NSU Career Services

As a major in English and Foreign Languages, you become a strong job candidate during an incremental process that begins in the first year of college and culminates into a successful career. Therefore, as you progress through your college years, don’t forget to contact the Career Services Office. 

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers students the opportunity to attend several educational classes each semester to assist them in their personal development. Each class addresses a specific topic. The following classes are offered: Alcohol and Other Drug Education, Anger Management and Conflict Resolution, and Decision Making Skills. The classes typically run over the course of a month and meet weekly for 1 hour.