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Student Pathways & Academic Formation



Student Pathways & Academic Formation is dedicated to providing support through innovative activities that improve students’ academic and post-graduate success.  The nurturing environment empowers student to cultivate skills and competencies that lead to attaining self-defined goals, as they transition as productive citizens into society and the workplace.

Student Pathways & Academic Formation strategies support students’ transition to the institution as well as enhance their holistic development to improve post graduate outcomes.  The goal is to provide guidance on connecting acquired skills and competencies with curricular and co-curricular pathway practices to make learning experiences meaningful and relevant.  Activity are designed using guided and career pathway models that lead learners in attainable and incremental paths towards reaching their academic and career goals. The undertaking is to direct student choices to maximize credential completion and equip them with skills, competencies, and experiences that support academic and post-graduation success.

Student Pathways & Academic Formation programs and activities include: