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Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
The Computer Science Program at Norfolk State University is designed to provide students with fundamental training in the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity
    The Master of Science in Cybersecurity is an “all online” program that focuses on computer and information security, and on increasing the pool of well-educated security professionals. Students engage in theoretical studies and practical training like digital forensics, while developing the critical thinking and communication skills required by professionals in the cybersecurity field. Students are prepared to defend US citizens and public, private and government organizations against cyber attacks.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science - Emphasis in Information Assurance 
    The Master of Science in Computer Science program at Norfolk State University provides a quality graduate education to students, especially those from the underrepresented sector of the population, by strengthening analytic skills, offering valuable research experiences, and promoting professional development in computer science.