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Spartan Engineering SCHOLARSHIP

Spartan Scholar Requirements

Spartan Scholars must maintain high scholastic and professional standards. Instructors will be asked to complete evaluations to confirm Scholar attributes each semester. The Spartan Engineering faculty advisor will also document academic progression and participation in community activities. Categories to be evaluated and monitored are as follows:

  • High standard of class attendance
  • Regular and consistent submission of assignments
  • Fulfills study hall and tutoring requirements
  • Attends all Spartan Seminar Sessions (unless formally excused by the faculty advisor)
  • Completes 15 or more approved academic credits each semester
  • CGPA of 3.0 or higher at the completion of the spring semester (lower-division Scholars)
  • CGPA of 3.0 or higher at all times (upper-division Scholars)


Academic Support

Study Hall Requirements

  • Lower Division Students fulfill 6 or more hours weekly.
  • Upper Division Students serve as tutors for lower-division courses
  • Dedicated Faculty Advising
  • Financial scholarship based on academic performance and available funding.

Note:  Must have completed 60 credits and sophomore Engineering courses to qualify as upper-division.


Scholarship Award Level

  • Gold Level: CGPA 3.5 or higher
  • Green Level: CGPA 3.3 to 3.49
  • Bronze Level: CGPA 3.0 to 3.29     

Scholarship award level for lower-division students evaluated annually following the spring semester.

Award level for upper-division students is determined at the conclusion of each semester for upper-division students.

Students receive scholarship awards for no more than 9 semesters.


Professional Development

  1. Four to five mandatory Seminar Sessions will be held in the fall and spring semesters.

   Seminar sessions will feature:

  • Special topics presentations from business and community leaders;
  • Experts to help cultivate networking and communication skills;
  • An informational session on internship opportunities and supplemental financial support; and
  • Seminars provide an opportunity to plan service/outreach activities.


  1. Spartan Engineering Scholars receive priority status for travel support for BEYA/NSBE Conference, ERM Conference, and other professional meetings.


Evaluation Activities

  • Instructor Surveys to CSET Instructors
  • Student Surveys
  • Tracking metrics include GPA, Math progression, Time to Graduation


To obtain more information about the OCR Undergraduate Funds, contact Dr. Patricia Mead (757) 451-772 or Ms. Debra Brown (757) 823-0017.