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Kathleen Thomas

Dr. Kathleen Thomas
Office: Brambleton Hall, Room 110
Phone: 757-823-8652

​Graduate of:  Old Dominion University
Degree:   Ph.D Human Movement Sciences with focus in Motor Control of Posture and Locomotion​

​Research Interest:

Clinical and translational outcomes of a tailored exercise intervention in Obese African American Women. EVMS/NSU Health Disparities Research Grant – The goal of the project is to increase physical activity in Obese African American women using a tailored exercise program that will include use of Fitbit watches, supervised exercise sessions, and educational sessions.

Spartan Employee Lifestyle Focused (SELF) Wellness The goal of the project is to identify the NSU centric minority health issues and challenges by implementing a Norfolk State University Employees wellness questionnaire and focus groups and then to develop a comprehensive wellness program entitled Spartan Employee Lifestyle Focused (SELF) Wellness.


Meir Magal, Nicole C. Liette, Shannon K. Crowley, Jay R. Hoffman & Kathleen S. Thomas (2020) Sex-Based Performance Responses to an Acute Sprint Interval Cycling Training Session in Collegiate Athletes, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 92:3, 469-476, DOI: 10.1080/02701367.2020.1751026

Magal, Meir; Fann, S. Leanna; and Thomas, Kathleen S. (2022) "Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Perceptual Responses to Preferred Walking Speed at Different Inclines and Post Exercise Postural Control in Healthy College Age Adults," International Journal of Exercise Science: 15 (2), Pages 113 - 124.

Ericksen, K. S., Eason, A. L., Thomas, K. S., Jenkins, V. C., Simmons, S. D. (2021). COVID-19 Response: An Interdisciplinary Online Community Building Event to Promote Holistic Student Success. Learning Communities Research and Practice, 9(1), Article 9.

Thomas, K.S., Hammond, M., Magal, M. (2018). Graded forward and backward walking at a matched intensity on cardiorespiratory responses and postural control. Gait & Posture 65, 20-25.

Thomas, K.S., Russell, D.M., Van Lunen, B.L., Colberg, S.R., Morrison, S. (2017). The impact of time and speed on gait dynamics. Human Movement Sciences 54, 320-330.

Expertise: Motor Control/Learning of Posture and Locomotion, Kinesiology, Injury and Rehabilitation, Biomechanics

Courses: Anatomical Kinesiology, Neurology/Pathology in Exercise Science, Injury and Pathological Assessment/Rehabilitation (Clinical I & II),