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Project Management

NSU Project Management Office
OIT Project Management Office

The Project Management Office is a unit within the Office of Information Technology designed to provide a centralized and coordinated management hub for all IT projects, with the purpose to create efficiencies between projects—as well as defining standards in the project management process. 


The NSU Project Management Office (PMO) is committed to defining and maintaining project management processes, identifying and standardizing economies of repetition in project execution, and serve as a source of guidance, metrics, and documentation in regards to project management and implementation.  The PMO will assist OIT with prioritizing projects based on the University’s strategic direction, cost of implementation, resource impacts, and tactical requirement. 

intake3-(3).pngProject Intake
The intake process is for new project request design to capture, evaluate and prioritize all proposed ideas. Click here to begin the project intake process


lifecycle.png     Project Life Cycle
The PMO utilizes a 7-step framework designed to help guide projects successfully from start to finish. Click here to learn more about the Project Life cycle


 Track a projecttrackwedgie-(2).png
Need to track a project request?  Currently under construction.



Apply an enterprise-wide Project Business Management methodology and processes developed by and for Norfolk State University’s (NSU) Office of Information Technology (OIT) through identifying, selecting, initiating, authorizing, planning, managing, monitoring, controlling, executing, and closing Information Technology (IT) project-based portfolios and programs, and standalone IT projects. 

Project lifecycle 

The Project Lifecycle consists of seven phases intake, initiation, planning, product selection, execution, monitoring & control, and closure. These phases make up the path that takes your project from start to finish. To learn more about the project lifecycle, click here.

OIT Project Lifecycle from start to finish (chart above)

  • Start
  • then intake
  • then initiation
  • then planning
  • then product selection
  • then execution/implementation
  • then monitor/control
  • then project close
  • then finish

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