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Special Groups


The Center for African American Public Policy (CAAmPP)

The Center for African American Public Policy (CAAmPP) is a think tank, providing an unbiased and non-partisan research on public policy issues affecting African Americans and other peoples of color in Virginia and the world. The Center’s mission is to empower minority communities, educate the public at large, and assist lawmakers by providing alternatives on issues involving African Americans and other communities of color.  

NSU Choirs

Norfolk State University Choirs

NSU Choirs have been under the baton of outstanding, talented, and dedicated music educators since their inception. In 1945 Harry Savage became the first full-time music faculty member and choir director of what was then, Norfolk Division of Virginia State College. 

Roberts Center

Joseph Jenkins Roberts Center

The Roberts Center was founded by Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander and the department of History to serve as a center of excellence for the study of the African Diaspora at Norfolk State University. The center has put on a number of academic and local history conferences related to historic anniversaries of events central to the African-American community.

Spartan Legion

Norfolk State University Spartan "Legion"

In the world of collegiate marching bands, the award winning Norfolk State University Spartan “Legion” located in Norfolk, VA, has made a name for itself as one of the premier Marching Bands in the country. The “Legion” consists of 250 staff and student musicians, dancers, and flags from states nationwide, including, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. The “Legion” exhibits a presence evocative of the storied “Spartans”. 


WNSB Blazin' Hot 91  | WNSB

Our students gain valuable broadcasting experience through our radio station, which is sponsored by our corporate sponsors, grants, state appropriations and the Hot 91 members. Listen live to "Hot 91" on your computer or web capable mobile device.