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Quality Matters

Quality Matters 

What Is Quality Matters? 

Quality Matters (QM) is an inter-institutional organization that sets baseline research-based standards to ensure quality design for online and hybrid courses.  Norfolk State University is committed to implementing the Quality Matters Standards for the design of online and/or hybrid courses. To maintain quality assurance, all online and hybrid courses will be evaluated using the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric. Please view an in-depth video of QM.

QM Quality Matters Overview Presentation

What is the QM Rubric?

The QM Rubric is a research-based peer review process that is widely adopted in higher education as a measure of online course quality. It offers weighted best practices in online instruction to improve course quality. Visit the QM Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition to download the rubric, which is helpful as a tool to consider what elements may be missing from an online or blended course or to generate suggestions for new features.

The Quality Matters Rubric is designed to help institutions review their own courses across eight broad standards:

  1. Course Overview and Introduction
  2. Learning Objectives
  3. Assessment and Measurement
  4. Instructional Materials
  5. Learner Activities and Learner Interactions
  6. Course Technology
  7. Learner Support
  8. Accessibility and Usability

Norfolk State University is committed to implementing the Quality Matters standards for the design of online and/or hybrid courses.  To maintain quality assurance, all online and hybrid courses will be evaluated using the Quality Matters Rubric.

How do I create a Quality Matters Account?

Quality Matters (QM) account provides NSU faculty and instructors access to the fully annotated course rubric, review processes, and other QM professional development opportunities. 

Please follow the instructions to create your own QM account. 

Instructions to create a MyQM account

  1. Go to MyQM
  2. Input email address
  3. Select "No, i am new here"
  4. Select Sign-In

What is the Course Review Process?

The QM Course Review Process is a collegial peer-review process driven by faculty to ensure the course meets the quality standards of the QM rubric.  The QM course review process enables Norfolk State University to engage in benchmarking its courses through a nationally recognized program used by peer institutions. Faculty can include information about their QM participation in reports, teaching evaluations, and portfolios.

The University implemented three types of Quality Matters course reviews:

  1. Self-review: The faculty reviews his or her own course for improvement using QM standards. 
  2. Informal review: The Office of Extended Learning (OEL) staff and/or designee (A QM Certified Peer Reviewer) reviews a course to improve its course design and/or help a faculty prepares his or her course for an official QM review.
  3. Official Review/QM-Managed: Course is reviewed by a team of three (3) QM Certified Peer Reviewers. A course becomes QM-Certified once it meets QM Rubric Standards at the 85% threshold or better and meets all Essential Specific Review Standards.

How can I participate in QM Professional Development Opportunities?

The Office of Extended Learning (OEL) provides professional development support to help faculty deliver quality online learning courses.  Whether you are looking to improve your course design or participate in a course review process, OEL has options to help your meet your professional development goals.

QM-Managed Reviews require NSU consultation and a self review first. These external reviews are handled by QM staff or designees in compliance with QM Course Review Standards and take two to four months. After the Quality Matters Internal/Informal Reviews have been completed/submitted and achieved a satisfactory score, the Office of Extended Learning will implement Quality Matters Official/Formal Reviews.  These reviews will lead to Quality Matters Certification for fully online or blended/hybrid courses.

Where can I learn more?

For additional information, please visit the Quality Matters website.  
Monique Cabiness, Quality Matters Coordinator:
Lee Grandison, Quality Assurance Assistant: