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Join the Legion

Thank you for your interest in the Norfolk State University Spartan "Legion" Band!

Spartan Legion Virtual Live Auditions

Audition Information:

Live Auditions will be held on Fridays Each Month 3pm-5pm starting February 12, 2021.

(Dates and Times are subject to change based on the schedule for the Director(s) of Bands)

Additional dates will be added as necessary.

Woodwind/Brass Requirements:

  • Chromatic scale (preferably full practical range);
  • Major scales and known minor scales (a minimum of one octave).
  • Prepared piece (instrumental solo, All-state/city/district audition or school ensemble material *original pieces are not accepted*
  • Sight Reading (if applicable)

Percussionist Requirements:

  • Rudiments (traditional/hybrids) and grid techniques  
  • All students must audition on Snare (to demonstrate knowledge of rudiments)
  • Solo on preferred marching instrument (i.e. Snare, Tenors, Bass, Cymbals)
  • Sight Reading (if applicable)

Steps to Receive a Competitive Scholarship:

  • Verification of NSU Acceptance (case by case)
  • Complete FAFSA and indicate NSU as a college choice
  • Choose any major offered by NSU
  • Complete a NSU Band audition

To Sign Up For An Virtual Audition Please Click Here