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STARS Mission

The STARS-Plus mission is to create an environment that continually strengthens STEM education at Norfolk State University to prepare students to enter and succeed in graduate school and the highly technological workplace of the 21st Century. It also builds upon the lessons learned and the successes of the previous STARS program to provide a seamless progression from pre-college experiences through successful college graduation and admission into graduate school.

Program Objectives:

  • To broaden participation and increase the NSU STEM enrollment by partnering with high schools and community colleges in the Tidewater Virginia Area;
  • To develop a dedicated STEM living and learning community in a residence hall at Norfolk State University;
  • To establish and institutionalize a Mentoring Center that will provide mentoring to all STEM students at NSU;
  • Provide learning approaches such as:
    • Inquiry Based Learning,
    • Peer Instruction, and
    • Cooperative Learning to promote students' excitement in Norfolk State University's classrooms.