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We See Your Future in Visual Arts.
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Norfolk State University
Fine Arts Programs

The foundation of the principles and practices of the Visual Arts courses are in drawing and design. It is important for the Visual Arts student to understand seeing and the translation of same onto a two dimensional surface. In the basic courses the introduction of the skills of proportion, perspective, value observation in both achromatic and chromatic stages, and the understanding of illusionary and actual three dimensional forms and space are the foundational skills for the ensuing upper level courses to come.

About the Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies

The Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies provides highly motivated and mature students with an intensive, multifaceted, educational experience in the visual arts. The M.F.A. is professional terminal degree in studio art, usually completed in two and a half years.  It is not a media specific studio program. This structure allows students the flexibility to explore and develop new working methods without the constraints of a media driven major.  - Learn more