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Health Science

Health Science Learning Community

A First-Year Learning Community

The Health Science Learning Community includes all health science majors, such as nursing, allied health, and all students majoring in biology or chemistry with the goal of entering health professions programs after graduation. The mission is to engage students as groups to enhance their learning experience and keep them motivated throughout their education. We will also engage in early-stage career exploration as a part of this community. 

Health Science Learning Community participants will: 

  • Define and explore health disparity. 
  • Understand the impact of social determinants of health.
  • Analyze health injustices and disparities.  
  • Study and apply the skills of formatting their research studies based on the latest version of the APA format.


  • Fall ENG 101 & SEM 101
  • Spring ENG 102 & SEM 102

Contact Information
Rachel Vincitore
Learning Communities Program Specialist 

Dr. Hedieh Sirjani, Health Science Learning Community Coordinator
Assistant Professor
Nursing and Allied Health