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Office of Planning and Budget Forms

This form is for new account creation for the Office of Planning and Budget.

Budget Line Adjustment
This form is used for budget category transfers within one account.

New PCN Request Form & Instruction
The New Personnel Control Number Request Form is designed to document when additional personnel control numbers (PCN) are needed at Norfolk state University. The form is to be used solely for additional full-time personnel.

Inter-Account Budget Transfer
Inter-Account Budget Transfer - This form is used to transfer funds between departmental accounts. Office of Planning and Budget form. 

Non-recurring Buget Requests Form
This form is used for making one-time requests.  If the request is for personnel services, they should be for temporary employees through a temporary agency.  The funds should not cross fiscal years.

Salary Calculator
This calculator is to be used for:

  • When trying to determine the total cost of a new position
  • When calculating an increase in salary
  • When calculating the cost for various budget accounts if the position is to be split coded