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About Us


The Norfolk State University Research & Innovation Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) affiliate of Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. Established in 2001, the Foundation was created to promote applied research and technological innovations, contributing to the Hampton Roads regional economy through fostering and promoting academic research at Norfolk State University.

The Foundation also has established incorporated subsidiary organizations that develop and manage related real estate acquisition project for NSU, the management of those real estate properties, and institutional research commercialization activities. .

The Foundation strives to cultivate research and innovation commercialization by fostering communication and partnerships between research faculty and students, entrepreneurs, industry partners, and other institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With our location in Norfolk, Virginia, this places the Foundation near major research and industry facilities and home to more than 236,000 people.


The mission of the NSURIF is to promote applied research, enable technological innovations, and generate real estate solutions to benefit NSU. We contribute positively to the economic strength of the City of Norfolk, the Hampton Roads region, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


  1. We value our stakeholders by aligning with the University’s mission and vision.
  2. We value quality and innovation in our products and services.
  3. We believe the success of our programs and services are vital to the positive image of the University.
  4. We value innovative thinking.
  5. We care about NSU and its research agenda.
  6. We believe in supporting NSU faculty and student research.