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Social Media

The student center at night photo is used as a cover photo for the university's social media accounts.

Let’s Stay Connected, Spartans!

It is important for Norfolk State University to stay connected to our students, alumni, faculty, staff, partners, benefactors, and the overall Spartan community. We encourage our colleges, departments, programs, groups, and entities to be active on social media to share their unique Spartan experience with the world. 

As a result, Norfolk State University has developed social media guidelines that govern all social media use and provide directives for people engaging in social media on behalf of the University or any of its organizations or entities.

Read "Administrative Policy #50-08 (2020) - Social Media" at and be familiar with its content. Working knowledge and understanding of this document is a necessity for successfully and effectively executing social media operations on behalf of the University.

It is recommended that users save the actual document as a PDF file for future and frequent reference. In addition, this policy provides the context by which all other information in this section should be interpreted. Therefore, familiarity with Administrative Policy #50-08 is a necessary first step before proceeding through this section and making use of its information.

In short, when you use University social media, you are acting as a representative of the University, so all University policies should govern your behavior, communication, and interaction with constituents.

All social media accounts officially serving Norfolk State University should be listed in the Social Media Directory. Please check the directory and email the social media manager at if an active account is not listed or if a listed account is no longer active. Also, contact us if we need to correct something in your directory listing or add new information.

If you want to set up a social media account, read through the information provided before opening the account, then fill out the sign-up form. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, email for assistance. We are more than happy to help you.

If you already have social media accounts, please use this site to review best practices, look up a bit of information you may have forgotten, or access any of the provided resources. Also, always feel free to suggest changes, additions, or new resources for this site. Email us at with your suggestions.

The Office of Communications and Marketing team sets the strategic direction for social media at Norfolk State, manages NSU’s institutional social media accounts, and works with communications coordinators across campus as they manage their own social networks. Training is available to assist the University community. Please contact the Social Media Manager directly to arrange training, get assistance or advice, or to obtain more information about the University's social media.

Anthony Tillman, NSU Social Media Manager
Office: Wilson Hall, Room 340 (HBW 340)
Office Phone: (757) 785-3831
Cell Phone: (757) 815-1732

Comments and Responses Guidelines

Norfolk State University encourages thoughtful discussion, debate, and interaction among social media users. By posting on our social media channels – either by commenting or responding – you agree to our guidelines. User comments are not screened prior to being published and do not necessarily reflect our viewpoints or opinions and are the sole responsibility of the individual posting them.

We reserve the right to delete comments or posts – without notice – that do not comply with our guidelines, and our social media channels are expressly limited to comments or posts that comply with these guidelines. Comments and published content must be respectful and must stay on topic. This includes recognizing that students, faculty, staff, and the public come from different backgrounds, beliefs, and viewpoints. We will delete posts that are not relevant to the content of the post or constitute spam. It’s okay to voice an opinion, complaint, or disagreement with someone, even us, but we ask that you do so in a constructive and respectful manner. Obscenities, profanities, personal attacks, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, trolling, hate speech, inappropriate or abusive content, and defamatory comments about any person, group, organization, or belief are not permitted and will be deleted. Also, indecent, sexually explicit, or pornographic materials are prohibited and will be deleted. Posts that include personal, identifying, or confidential information is not permitted and will be deleted. NSU will not allow commercial solicitation or promotion of products and will delete them as necessary.

Read "Administrative Policy #50-08 (2020) - Social Media" at for more detail.