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Administrative Policy

Administrative Policy

Administrative Policies addresses critical operational matters to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies at the federal, state or local levels. Administrative Policies do not address practices or procedures, and have broad application throughout the University. Administrative policy is subject to the approval of the President, applicable Vice President, or respective designed for policy issuance and major revisions. Board of Visitors approval is not required.

10 Human Resources

11-19 Unassigned

20-29 Division of Student Affairs

20 Vice President of Student Affairs Office

21 Admissions

22 Financial Aid

# 22-01 (2014) - Determination of Lenders under the Federal Family Education Loan Program - This policy has been repealed. Formerly policy #31-01

23 Unassigned

24 Counseling Services

25 Unassigned

26 Student Activities

27 Dean of Students Office

28 Unassigned

29 Veterans Affairs

30-39 Division of Academic Affairs

30 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

31 Registrar

32 Office of Information Technology


33 Lyman B. Brooks Library and Harrison B. Wilson Archives

34 Office of Extended Learning

35 School of Graduate Studies and Research

36 Academic Colleges and Schools/Honors College

37 Unassigned

38 Office of Sponsored Programs

39 Office of Institutional Research and Planning

40-49 Division of Finance and Administration

40 Vice President of Finance and Administration Office

41 Controller

42 Facilities Management

43 Procurement Services

44 Planning and Budget

45 Unassigned

46 Auxiliary Services

47 Campus Police

48 Unassigned

49 Title III

50-59 Division of University Advancement

50 Communications & Marketing

51 General Fundraising

52 Development Services & Stewardship

53 NSU Related Foundations

54 University Events (Commencement, Founder’s Day, Convocation, etc.)

55 Alumni Relations

56 L. Douglas Wilder Center of the Performing Arts

57 Unassigned

58 Unassigned

59 Unassigned

60 Athletics

61 – 69 Other