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Spartan Social Media Toolkit

All Norfolk State University social media administrators should be familiar with and abide by the University's Brand and Visual Identity Quick Guide. It provides important information about our branding, graphic specifications, logo usage, and other critical issues about our visual identity.

In addition, every professional needs a great set of tools, and social media managers have a collection of digital tools available to them that will save time, money, and really enhance their experience. You may find the following tools useful as you continue to build meaningful relationships with your audience through social media. And most of them are free. Also, if you use a tool you've found indespenable in your social media admin life, please share the information with us at and we'll try to list it here for your colleagues to use.


Name of tool

What it does



Create online graphics with ease. This will be one of the most valuable tools you will use while managing social media.


(Much like photoshop) edit photos online

Adobe Spark Video

Create visual stories online with photos and videos

Repost App

Allows you to share posts on Instagram


Organize your projects and share with your team

Sprout Social (Paid)

Social Media Scheduler

(Free version)

Social Media Scheduler