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Virtualization & Collaboration Center

The mission of the VCC is to provide a professional environment for onsite and remote collaborations, visualization, and training which will infuse excellence and innovation in support of a wide variety of academic, administrative, and commercial opportunities. This is achieved through the use of advanced computing, high-level communications, information technologies, and virtualization environments.

About the VCC

The VCC is located on the fourth floor of the Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research, measures approximately 2400 square feet and is comprised of two main rooms plus other support spaces. The large room has a capacity of 36 people and the small room a capacity of 12. In adherence to its Mission Statement and as a part of the Information Technology Services (ITS), the VCC supports: Homeland and National Security Diplomatic Relations Economic and Social Development Educational and Cultural Exchange Global Community Outreach E-learning Academic Research.


Contact OIT at (757) 823-2916 for additional information or to schedule the small or large VCC.