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Test Preparation Help

Test Preparation Services

Norfolk State University (NSU) is now providing graduating seniors and graduates with expanded online test preparation services!

PRAXIS and VCLA test preparation is provided by the school of Education in the "PRAXIS Lab" located in room 161 of the Bozeman building.  

Test Prep Workstations are equipped with practice tests and other test prep materials for CLEP, GMAT, GRE, HESI, LSAT, MCAT, NCLEX-RN and SAT. Resources include practice questions, retired exams, test preparation and test taking strategies recommended by national test sponsors!  

Test Prep Workstation Locations
Building Room
Nursing and General Education (NGE) 102
Babbette Smith Hall North 111
Babbette Smith Hall South 110
Charles Smith Hall 302
Lee Smith Hall 302
Midrise Hall 112
Residence Complex North, South & East 200C
Rosa Alexander Hall 104
Samuel Scott Hall 102
Spartan Suites Check at first floor front desk

recommended Test Taking Resources

This site provides useful tips to assist you in learning effective test taking strategies and techniques to reduce test anxiety. Combined with other listed resources, these strategies should help you to approach each exam with confidence and maximize your test-taking performance.

Tip 2 | 5 Tips to Beat Test Anxiety

Faculty Resources

Please contact your department chair to obtain additional information on exams required for licensure/certification in your profession after graduation or to gain admissions to graduate school.