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Faculty Request Forms

Faculty Request Guidelines

A primary Testing Services goal is to meet the needs of faculty and students by facilitating test administrations in a manner that ensures the quality, efficiency, and integrity of academic testing. Quality testing services are delivered in a secure, distraction-free, and accessible environment, which adheres to  National College Testing Association's (NCTA) professional standards and guidelines.

Testing Services also assists faculty in identifying and evaluating effective digital technologies for use in classroom instruction and assessment.

Testing Services Hours of Operation

Exams should be scheduled to start no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and to end no later than 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. The office is closed from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m., daily.  Evening hours are available by appointment.

Faculty should consider Testing Services hours of operation prior to requesting computer based test proctoring.

NSU Faculty "In-person" Test Proctoring Request Form

  • Faculty requests for in-person proctored testing by NSU Testing Services must be received at least 2 working days prior to the anticipated test day.
  • Approval of requests for proctored testing will be based on availability of testing staff.
  • Requests must be made on the official Faculty Test Proctoring Request Form.
  • Phone requests will not be accepted.
  • Proctoring will not be provided in the Testing Center for paper exams.

Individual Student Appointments

Students who do not have access to a personal computer can schedule an appointment to take an exam in the Testing Center, if there is no password required to access the exam.  If a password is required, the student should contact their instructor who will submit a Faculty Test Proctoring Request Form to permit the student to test.

Online Remote Proctoring Options

The two specific types of online remote proctoring to be provided at NSU include live remote proctoring with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and automated remote proctoring with Blackboard Respondus Lockdown and Respondus Monitor.

Testing Services staff in collaboration with NSU faculty will provide live remote proctoring; as needed.

Live remote proctoring may also be used by faculty to proctor authentic assessments performed by students from home or other remote sites.

Instructor Responsibilities for Live Online Remote Proctoring in Advance of Test:

  1. The instructor completes the Faculty Test Proctoring Request Form.  
  2. Testing Services sends the instructor a Microsoft Outlook meeting request with the date and time of the scheduled live remote proctor session.  
  3. The instructor accepts or proposes a new time for the Microsoft Outlook invite from Testing Services by responding to the Microsoft Outlook meeting request.
  4. The instructor creates the live remote proctor session in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and creates a guest link for the proctor as presenter.
  5. *The suggested naming convention for the session is "Remote Proctor - Class ID, Instructor’s Last Name".
  6. The instructor adds the Blackboard Collaborate Live Remote Proctor Session link to the body of the Microsoft Outlook acceptance sent to Testing Services.
  7.  At least one day prior to the session, the instructor finalizes the remote proctoring schedule confirmation and provides the test password via telephone to the Office of Testing Services.  The test password is found in the Respondus LDB test settings.
  8. The instructor sets any necessary Respondus LDB test options (e.g. Date/Time/Duration/Test User Exceptions) to ensure that only the approved students can take the exam at the specified date and time.

Instructor Checklist for Online Remote Proctor Session on Day of Test:

  1. Student – Logs into course and navigates to Ask the Professor (other location designated by the instructor), then clicks the Blackboard Collaborate Remote Proctoring Session link. This connects the student to the Remote Proctor in Testing Services.
  2. Testing Services – Confirms video, audio, and connection quality of the student’s connection. Verifies that the student matches his/her ID and surveys the testing environment.
  3. Student - Agrees to the Academic Integrity Statement displayed or read by Testing Services.
  4. Testing Services – Releases test password to student.
  5. Student - Remains in the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, uses browser tabs to return to the course and enters the test.
  6. Test Completion – Testing window is closed by the student. Testing Services reports any integrity issues to the instructor.

Automated Online Remote Proctoring

Where live proctoring is not required, faculty are encouraged to consider other testing options, such as Respondus Lockdown Browser with monitor; which students can take from any computer with internet access and a webcam. Students will be required to download and install the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

For additional assistance or information on Respondus Lockdown, please contact the Office of Extended Learning at

Faculty Responsibility

Student Notification
It is faculty responsibility to inform students of the approved date(s) and time(s) that testing will take place in the Testing Center.

Change of Test Date
It is faculty responsibility to re-submit the Faculty Test Proctoring Request Formin accordance with the 2 day advanced notice requirement, if they wish to change the date and time of proctored testing.

Special Accommodations
It is faculty responsibility to arrange for special test accommodations for persons with disabilities through the Office of Accessibility Services/ International Students(O.A.S.I.S.) program. If authorized by O.A.S.I.S., faculty can add an "Exception" for qualified students in Blackboard by editing test options to allow for extended time.

Performing Item analysis on blackboard exams

  • After your exam has been administered you can perform Item Analysis in Blackboard to measure the effectiveness of test items for assessing student learning.