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We See Your Future in Drama & Theatre.
We see your greatest potential and your motivation to achieve.

Bachelor of Arts in Drama & Theatre
We see your greatest potential and your motivation to achieve. The Division of Drama offers students concentrations in performance and design & technology. Students study performance, directing, design, management, voice, movement and dance to prepare for careers in theatre, television, film and more.

Admissions Criteria

Undergraduate admission to Norfolk State University qualifies any student to enroll in the B.A. in Drama & Theatre program.

About the Curriculum

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama & Theatre requires 120 semester credit hours and designed to provide students with comprehensive training in drama and theatre. All 120 semester credit hours must be passed with a letter grade between "A" through "C". Any letter grade of "C-" through "F" must be retaken to achieve a passing grade.

The curriculum offers two areas of emphasis in design & technology and performance.  These areas of emphases provide students with concentrated training in the area selected.

The program also offers 18 hours of unrestricted electives to permit the student to receive a true liberal arts education. Students may use the unrestricted elective hours to satisfy the requirements of an available minor in another academic discipline. Completion of a minor is optional, may require more than 18 hours and is not required for degree completion. Minors are offered in Accounting, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Fine Arts, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Military Science, Mass Communications/ Journalism, Music, Physics, Political Science, and Sociology.