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Learning Communities

Learning Communities are designed to provide a more personalized learning experience and foster relationships between peers and faculty. Each community is limited to 25 first-year students.

This Learning Community is for first-year students interested in the Army ROTC program. This community promotes team building, camaraderie, and a shared understanding of Army culture and values. 

Students interested in declaring a major or minor in Psychology should consider this dynamic Learning Community.

Health Science Professional
The Health Science Professional Learning Community is tailored for health science majors, such as nursing and health services management, and students majoring in biology or chemistry who plan to enter health professions programs after graduation. It's a perfect fit for your career aspirations.

The Imagine Learning Community is comprised of students from all majors who are eager to explore innovation and creativity in all artistic disciplines and the interdisciplinary practice of arts.

Innovative Boss Movers (I.B.M.)
This Learning Community is open to all majors. It will connect students with local and national businesses and entrepreneurs to gain a better understanding of business and the global market.

Open to all Technology and Engineering majors. Students in the iSpartan Technology and Engineering Learning Community will get a chance to explore their academic major and future careers as soon as they arrive on campus.

The MENtality learning community is available to first-year undergraduate students and open to all majors. MENtality offers a residential and supportive setting that fosters academic excellence and encourages students to make positive contributions to their community.

Rhyme & Reason
The Rhyme & Reason Learning Community is open to all majors and focuses on various forms of written and verbal expression.

Society of Spartan Sisters
The Society of Spartan Sisters (S.S.S.) is a first-year Learning Community (LC) designed for women across all majors. This LC introduces participants to principles rooted in women’s issues.

Spartan Civic Leaders
Open to all majors. The community will participate in activities to address issues of public concern and enact positive social changes.

Spartan Emerging Leaders
This community welcomes students from all majors. Participants will have the opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills by engaging in a variety of exploratory activities.. 

The Network
This community is open to Mass Communications and Journalism majors. Students in this community will have the opportunity to explore branding, storytelling, pop culture, mass media, and social media.