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The Network

The Network Learning COmmunity

A First-Year Learning Community

The Network Learning Community warmly welcomes all Mass Communications and Journalism majors. Participants can expect to delve into exciting topics like branding, storytelling, pop culture, mass media, and social media. For the first year, students will be enrolled in two classes per semester alongside their fellow community members.

Research shows that students who take classes together and are part of a learning community tend to excel academically and maintain a strong level of engagement in their studies.

The Network Learning Community participants will:

  • Become a part of a supportive community of like-minded learners. 
  • Explore their Mass Communications and Journalism academic major and discover careers in their major.
  • Participate in on- and off-campus co-curricular activities and events that support their interests. 
  • Develop leadership skills. 


  • Fall SEM 101 & TBD
  • Spring SEM 102 &TBD

Contact Information
Rachel Vincitore
Learning Communities Program Specialist