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Spartan Civic Leaders

Spartan civic leaders

A First-Year Learning Community

As part of the Spartan Civic Leaders program, students can delve into various justice topics and collaborate with local nonprofits that serve their community. They will also learn to connect social justice topics to their academic pursuits and future career goals.

As a learning community, Spartan Civic Leaders will:

  • Assist students with their transition to college and their scholarly and professional identities.
  • Develop advanced knowledge of social justice issues and community awareness.
  • Use real-life experience to enhance the academic world and relate academic work to real-life experience.
  • Help scholars develop comprehensive transferable skills which can be applied to future employment.


  • Fall ENG 101 & SEM 101
  • Spring ENG 102 & SEM 102

Contact Information
Dr. Rachel Vincitore
Learning Communities Program Specialist