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Visual Arts

Visual Arts Learning Community

A First-Year Learning Community 

The Visual Studies Learning Community is comprised of Fine Arts students who are eager to learn about Fine Arts engagement and the interdisciplinary practice in arts. The main focus of this Learning Community involves the manipulation of design elements such as lines, shapes, value, and texture. To accomplish this, students will visit the Norfolk Zoo to observe and sketch animals. Artwork created by students will be displayed in a pop-up exhibition for feedback. Students will also learn about career opportunities in Fine Arts, such as book illustration. 

As a Learning Community, Visual Studies Scholars will: 

  • Learn to integrate research and the art making process to manipulate image and content.  
  • Apply critical and creative thinking skills to develop innovative solutions to design problems. 

  • Dicover more about career opportunities in the arts. 

  • Apply design principles such as unity, variety, balance, rhythm etc. to create the illusion of depth. 


  • Fall  FIA 120 & SEM 101
  • Spring FIA 115 & SEM 102

Contact Information 
Rachel Vincitore
Learning Communities Program Specialist

Solomon Isekeije, Fine Arts Learning Community Coordinator
Professor of Fine Arts
Program Coordinator, Division of Fine Arts
Graduate Program Coordinator, MFA Visual Studies Program