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Photo Lithography

Bay-2 for Lithography and Polymer Process

mask-aligner-(1).jpgContact Mask Aligner OAI 800 Model

Alignment System is an integrated optical-mechanical, pneumatic-electrical system which allows accurate alignment of sensitized semiconductor wafers with a mask and exposes them to ultraviolet radiation. It is a high precision piece of equipment and should be treated with care. It is imperative that you understand the machine completely before proceeding.

The OAI Model 800 Mask Aligner is a semi-automated, four-camera, optical front and backside mask Aligner. It delivers ultra-precise (1µm-2µm) alignment accuracy and is designed to greatly surpass the performance of any IR backside Aligner at an extremely competitive price. The versatile Model 800 mask Aligner is ideal for use in low volume production, R&D labs, and universities.

The Model 800 Mask Aligner is configured with a wide variety of OAI UV light sources that range in power up to 2KW. The mask Aligner tooling can accommodate substrates up to 8-inch square, and the wafer chuck is positioned to allow for easy loading and unloading. This cost-effective mask Aligner also features motorized backside focus, motorized auto leveling and auto gap setting.

Built on a vibration isolation platform, the fixed mask holder assembly guarantees alignment accuracy and repeatability. Operation is simplified using the easy-to-read, PLC touch-screen. Training time is short; an operator can learn to use the mask Aligner effectively in less than one hour. - User Manual Download

spinner.jpgCee 200CB Coat-Bake System


Automated spinner/hotplate combo in Primary Lithography area for spin-coating and soft-baking photoresist onto wafers and small substrates.


  • Spin speed: 0–12 000 RPM
  • Substrate sizes: 100 mm round, 4" × 4", 150 mm round, small pieces
  • 100 mm wafer chuck
  • 150 mm wafer chuck
  • Universal chuck set for small specimens: base with swappable 1/8", 5/16", 1/2", and 3/4" chucks
  • Nitrogen proximity and vacuum bake
  • Temperature range: ambient to 300 °C

KW-4L Spin Coater System



Substrate size: Φ5-Φ200mm
Speed range: 50-12000RPM
Speed accuracy: 1RPM
Speed stability: ±0.1%
Acceleration range: 50-30000RPM/S
Glue uniformity: ±1%

Control signal:
Man-machine interface: 8-inch touch screen
Communication interface: USB (standard) / RS232 (optional) / RS485 (optional) / RJ45 (optional)
Stylus BAMBOO resistance pen (standard)
Third-party options: Logitech wireless mouse / wireless keyboard / Kingston 2G disk
Vacuum pump: AP-550V oil-free pump / FY oil pump

Programming mode:
Set data: Unlimited group data, each group of 15 speeds (standard) or countless speeds (optional) 0-10000 seconds per period
Storage data: unlimited data
Data protection: default with power-down protection

Electrical parameters:
Mixing machine AC power supply port: AC100-250V
Vacuum pump AC power supply port: AC220V (standard) AC110V (optional)
Mixing machine power: 650W
Vacuum pump power: 350W
Vacuum pumping speed: ≥60L/MIN

Mechanical Dimensions:
Mixing machine volume: 340mm (W) X500mm (D) X250mm (H)
Conveyor weight: 18KG
Pump weight: 9KG