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Layout for Fabrication and Characterization

10,000 square foot facility including cleanroom and characterization space. Micron-NSU Nanofabrication Cleanroom is a 6,000 square foot facility located in the MCAR Building. It is a Class-100/Class 1000 (ISO Class 5/Class 6) Bay and chase user facility that enables the production of microelectronics and optoelectronics devices on the micro and nano scale. The Micron-NSU Nanofabrication Cleanroom has equipment that enables deposition and etching of thin films, the patterning of devices and nanostructures and wet chemical processing. This facility enables faculty and student researchers’ access to the state-of-the-art equipment facilitating novel research. This user facility provides NSU researchers with access to a variety of new tools for fabrication and characterization of materials requiring an environment free of the possibility of contamination from dust or particles in the atmosphere. In addition to research, the facility supports education, giving graduate students a chance to train in cleanroom procedures.

Bay-1 Thin Film Area

  • Thermal Evaporator - PVD75  
  • E-beam Evaporator  - PVD75  
  • DC sputtering           - PVD75  
  • RF sputtering            - PVD75  
  • Thermal EVA             - NTE-3000  
  • Rapid Thermal Processing - RTP-600S 
  • Tube Furances No. 1 - ThermoFisher Lindberg/Blue   
  • Tube Furances No. 2 - ThermoFisher Lindberg/Blue   


Bay-2 Photo-lithography Area

  • Contact Mask Aligner -  OAI 800   
  • Contact Mask Aligner -  Karl Suss MJB4  
  • Microscope System for Digital Image
  • Cee 200CB Coat-Bake System No. 1, No. 2
  • KW-4L Spin Coater
  • Electrical Oven No 1, No 2.
  • Fume Hood No 1, No 2.

Bay-3 Plasma Etching Area

  • RIE          - Phantom RIE
  • RIE/ICP   - Minilock Phantom RIE ICP


Bay-4 On/Off line Training Room

  • Multimidia On/Off line Education System

Bay-5 Testing/Inspection Area

  • Microscope No 1.
  • Microscope No 2.
  • Microscope No 3.
  • Profilometer - KLA Tencor P-16+

Bay-6 Wet/Chemical Facilities Area

  • Fume Hood No 3.
  • Fume Hood No 4.
  • Chemical / Basis Storage Cabinet
  • Refrigerator for Chemical