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Behold 2023 Fall

Fall 2023 issue of Behold Magazine

From the Desk of the President of Norfolk State University

The Fall 2023 issue of Behold Magazine celebrates the accomplishments of our NSU community, highlighting the transformative power of education and the remarkable achievements of our graduates.

A Spartan education instills in students the belief that they can make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields and communities. The inspiring story of Ashley Jones, a proud NSU alumna from the class of ’15, serves as a prime example of how hard work can lead to success. Jones embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing Tones of Melanin, an athleisure brand that specializes in HBCU-themed apparel. Her remarkable journey in the fashion industry is detailed on page 18.

This fall, NSU was named an Apple Distinguished School (page 3) and became one of the select, esteemed members of higher education institutions in the country to receive the designation. By distributing over 7,000 devices, NSU’s Office of Information Technology has played a crucial role in bridging the digital divide that previously affected some students. This effort has ensured that all students have access to the necessary technology to complete their degree programs.

Our students have whole-heartedly embraced their devices. Furthermore, our faculty members have been utilizing these devices in innovative ways to enhance the learning experiences of our students. This dedication to leveraging technology for educational purposes is an exciting prospect for the future.

In the realm of research, Norfolk State University’s Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies is pioneering efforts to gather information about early descendants. Throughout much of Virginia’s history, the institution of slavery permeated society. Although slavery was abolished following the Civil War, tracing the history of enslaved individuals remains a challenging task. However, the department, in collaboration with the Sargeant Memorial Collection at the Norfolk Public Library, is undertaking a significant project. “Sold Down River” (featured on page 12) aims to document the slave trade in Norfolk.

This groundbreaking endeavor sheds light on a painful chapter in history, providing valuable insights into the lives of those who were forcibly displaced. The dedication and commitment of the Norfolk State University community, in collaboration with the Norfolk Public Library, exemplify our collective determination to uncover the truth and honor the legacies of those who suffered during this tumultuous era.

In the area of sports, Norfolk State University’s student-athletes have consistently demonstrated excellence, achieving remarkable victories in various competitions throughout 2023. Notably, our women’s basketball team secured the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) title, which propelled them to the first round of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) national women’s basketball tournament.

Moreover, our men’s and women’s track programs and cross-country teams have also made us proud by clinching MEAC titles. These victories reflect the rich history and tradition of success that our NSU Athletics program has cultivated (page 27). Readers can delve deeper into the inspiring stories of our student-athletes who have continuously raised the bar and brought glory to Norfolk State University.

This issue will also feature stories about a new master’s program in the Department of Nursing and Allied Health, our 2023 Founders Day, our highly successful Homecoming weekend held in October and many notable alumni achievements.

Norfolk State University is built on hard work, intention, perseverance, and service. the Spartan Family continuously steps up to the challenge to demonstrate excellence and success. The fruits of our labor are paying off for Norfolk State University, our alumni and our communities across the nation and the world. As we continue to make incredible progress, we make the founders of this institution proud.

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