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Behold 2022 Vol 11 Issue 1

Through this BEHOLD, you’ll see that right now is our time, our mission, and our vision.

Of course, that was the theme of the inauguration of Norfolk State University’s 7th President, Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston, one of our greatest recent highlights for our university community. Reminisce with us in BEHOLD (pages 14 and 15).

Another milestone was our launch of the Spartan Innovation Academy. This new initiative provided students and faculty with industry-leading technology and included specialized training so users could make the most of their new resources. Norfolk State is the first Historically Black College and University to do a campus-wide deployment of Apple products to this degree (page 3).

NSU achieved another “first” when Pharrell Williams hosted his “Elephant in the Room” business forum on our campus. Business and community leaders from across Hampton Roads were invited to hear how diversity, equity, and inclusion have become new tools in the toolbox of worldwide business in expanding markets and finding new, innovative investment opportunities (pages 4-5).

NSU faculty and students conducted research at the world’s highest-powered magnet laboratory. Our Spartans studied cutting-edge science in preparation for bringing some of that same innovative technology to the campus of Norfolk State through a new grant (pages 8-9).

Our future is bright, but not just for these reasons. Fall 2021 saw an initiative begin where Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, and Eastern Virginia Medical School (O.N.E.) agreed to work toward establishing a proposed O.N.E. School of Public Health (ONE SPH), only the third of its kind in the country (pages 12-13).

We’re also looking into the future toward 2023 when the Spartan Legion Marching Band will perform in the 2023 Tournament of Roses Parade. You know our mighty Spartan Legion will make us proud, but we’ve got to get them there first. We’re seeking support from alumni, friends and corporate sponsors to raise an estimated $700,000 minimum so the Spartan Legion can show the world “BEHOLD, the Green and Gold” in full Spartan glory (pages 24-25).

We also remember our past with the induction of NSU basketball star Bob Dandridge into the NBA hall of fame (pages 26-27), the loss of NSU’s legendary announcer Jackie Bowe (pages 22-23), and the involvement of NSU alumni in taking down the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond (pages 20-21).

And, of course, check out our Movers and Shakers section where we acknowledge former NSU Athletic Director and baseball coach Marty L. Miller’s induction into the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame, among other Spartan milestones.

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