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Behold 2022 Vol 10 Issue 2

In this issue of our BEHOLD magazine, we feature "female firsts."

We take a close look at the life of Dr. Marie V. McDemmond (pg. 3) and her immensely positive impact on the history of Norfolk State University. She was the University's third President, having led the University from 1997-2005. She achieved many "firsts" during her lifetime, including becoming the first African American woman to lead a four-year public higher education institution in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the first woman to lead Norfolk State University. Please read about this pioneer whose imprint on Norfolk State is a central part of our history.

We also offer you another "female first" in our feature story on Maia Chaka (pg. 16), an NSU alumna who became the first African American female to referee in the National Football League. Her path to the NFL is a tribute to our Spartans' hard work and perseverance, and her story is an inspiring example of what our Spartans achieve when they put in the work.

Also, in another "first," we offer you the entire interview behind the article on our YouTube channel. Please expect more of these multimedia efforts in the future.

Our "female firsts" also extend to our student body as we share another inspiring story about the first female drum major to lead our mighty Spartan Legion Marching Band (pg. 24). And don't forget: the Spartan Legion performs in the 2023 Tournament of Roses Parade this coming January, another of many "firsts" for NSU.

You'll also discover the entrepreneurial side of our students and alumni through articles about several innovators that include a new student startup company born out of our Innovation Center (pg. 22), one featuring the progressive research and work of Dr. LaVonda Brown's patented eye technology (pg. 27) and the story of Marvina Robinson, who is one of few African American women to own a champagne brand (pg. 26). You may also enjoy the piece on what it means to uncover hidden family roots, a journey of discovery by alumna Sonya Womack-Miranda (pg. 10).

This issue of BEHOLD continues to tell the story of a Norfolk State that is strong, persistent, determined and innovative. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and, as always, continue supporting Norfolk State University and our Spartans with your generous gifts. May you and your family find peace, joy and prosperity in the coming year.

maia chaka behold coverDownload or view the PDF version of the 2022 Behold - Volume 11 Issue 2.

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