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Minor in Africana Studies

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Minor in Africana Studies

The Minor in Africana Studies offered by the Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with 18 multi-disciplinary credit hours in courses across the curriculum that explore the vast field of Africana Studies.

The minor requires one specific course, three determined electives, and two free elective options.

Required courses

Minor in Africana Studies
Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
INT 290 Principles of Africana Studies 3
HIS 335 or 336 African American History 3
HIS 370 or 371 African History and Culture 3
GEO 430, 420 or 450 Geography course 3


Students must take 6 hours of electives from the courses listed below.

Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
ENG 383 African American Literature 3
MUS 234 African American Music 3
FIA 370 African American Art 3
INT 399A The Black Woman 3
INT 412 Contemporary Globalization 3
HIS 372 The African Diaspora 3
HIS 492 Race and Gender in Cuba and Latin America 3
HIS 490M Black Lives Matter 3
POS 463 Politics of African Nations 3
GEO 337 Geography of Africa 3
GEO 338 Caribbean Geography 3
SOC 237 Racial and Ethnic Minorities 3
SWK 328 HIV/AIDs in the African American Community 3
PSY 340 African American Psychology 3

Note: Other courses may be substituted with the permission of the program coordinator or chair.