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B.A./B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

We See the Motivation in You.
We see your greatest potential and your motivation to achieve. We see you at NSU.
Bachelor of Arts / Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program (BS, Interdisciplinary Studies) will push you to become an interdisciplinarian who asks questions, pushes boundaries and astounds that all knowledge is interdependent.

What to Expect as an Interdisciplinary Studies Student

The program arms students with the requisite knowledge and skills to engage in critical research, communicate effectively among various fields and work in effective teams as leaders and active members. Student-centered classes and courses focus on transferable skills.

Degree at a Glance

  • Average class size: 30 students
  • Most courses are offered fall, spring and summer; with some classes offered in 7- or 8-week mini-term sessions.
  • Classes are online or in the classroom.

Where Will My Degree Take Me?

Interdisciplinarians work in higher education, K-12 teachers, administrators and support staff. Interdisciplinarians have been assistant City Treasurers, Bank officers, IT specialists, Lawyers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, officers in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. Interdisciplinarians are analysts, librarians, artists, public health specialists, social workers, politicians, and more. Our alumni attend graduate programs in Cybersecurity, Psychology, Education, History, Law, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Public Health, Business and more.


The curriculum for the Bachelor's of Arts/Science in Interdisciplinary Studies is available in the NSU Catalog.

Associations and Affiliations

Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS), the International Honor Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, Alpha Iota Sigma and have an active Interdisciplinary Studies Student Association (ISSA).