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About Us

Norfolk State University Preschool Academy provides field and clinical based, practicum and intern experiences to senior-level students. The program also provides observation and participation experiences to students enrolled in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education and other departments. The students must complete all forms required by the Center for the Professional Development office and receive approval before participating at the Preschool Academy.

Students in other discipline areas complete required intern and participation hours per their course guidelines. All Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education students must complete required forms by the Center for the Professional Development office to receive placement at the Preschool Academy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the NSU Preschool Academy is to build bright futures for children by promoting high-quality early childhood education and care while maximizing their highest potential and creating lifelong learners. 

Philosophy about Education

The philosophy of the NSU Preschool Academy reflects support for developmentally appropriate practices to meet the needs of young children.

It is the program’s belief that children need:

  • Concrete and sensory experiences that are tangible and child-focused.
  • Creative and stimulating atmosphere and environment.
  • Nurturing staff who understands and promotes activities that meet their social, emotional, physical, psychological and intellectual needs.
  • Developmentally appropriate materials and resources to nurture a variety of learning styles.
  • Sound and developmentally appropriate experiences that are stimulating and child-focused.
  • Activities that are geared to the individual ages and learning styles of each child.
  • Learning centers designed to encourage exploration and learning through play.