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Telecommunications Services 

About us

Telecommunications Services at Norfolk State University offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and mobile services to faculty, staff, and departments. We are responsible for all campus phone services, extension and phone relocations, purchase and set-up of new extensions and phone equipment, establishment of voice mailboxes, installation of phone jacks, and fax lines.

Our Mission

  • To provide and maintain reliable, efficient, and cost-effective voice communications for Norfolk State University campus community.
  • To provide and maintain the highest quality telecommunications equipment to the Norfolk State University campus community. 
  • To research, evaluate, and deploy emerging technologies as they pertain to the needs of the Norfolk State University campus community.

Norfolk State University Telecommunications Services Policies

Contact Us
Phone: 757-823-2425

Telecommunications Services Help Center

Getting started using your VoIP phone. Select from the list below for user guides, tutorials, and other phone and mobile features.

  • ShoreTel/Mitel IP Phone Help Center

    Telecommunications Services provide ShoreTel/Mitel IP telephone equipment for students, faculty, and staff. ShoreTel IP phones utilize state-of-the-art Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Other services provided include new phone VoIP equipment, installation, and maintenance/repair.

    For more information about ShoreTel VoIP equipment, services and software, please click any of the links from the selections below:

    ShoreTel IP 230 - VoIP Phone system

    ShoreTel/Mitel IP 480 - VoIP Phone system

    ShoreTel IP 655 - VoIP Phone system

    Mitel Connect Client -  is a software package that is used to manage calls from the desktop. Communicator allows management of calls, voicemail, and personal system settings through a graphical user interface.  It also integrates with Outlook email and calendar. 

  • Cellular Phones and Devices Help Center

    Telecommunications Services provide cellular phones and devices for faculty and staff. For more information about products and services, click one of the links from the selections below:

    Apple iPhones and iPads

    Samsung Galaxy/Android

    Cellular Phones and Devices Justification Form

  • Fax Lines Help Center

    NSU faxing services requires a standard phone line (analog) with a dial tone. If you are experiencing any issues with your fax line or need to have a line installed or moved, contact Telecommunications Services at or call 757-823-2425.

  • Telecommunications Services Forms

    To request ShoreTel/Mitel IP phones, cellular devices, and services,  complete the form(s) below and return to Telecommunications Services at or call 757-823-2425 for more information.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    For frequently asked questions about your ShoreTel phone, please click here.