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Our Services

Our Services:

  • Compliance coordination across units
  • Compliance related policies, procedures, and process reviews/efficiencies
  • Compliance outreach and education
    • Trainings
    • Partner/Alliance meetings
  • Compliance assessment and monitoring
    • Internal compliance risk assessments
    • Internal partner monitoring
  • Compliance gap closure plans
    • Support development of compliance gap closure plans
    • Support continuous improvement goals
  • Compliance communication and reporting
  • Development and maintenance of an institutional regulatory reporting calendar, requirements inventory and compliance website
  • Issues support/Incident response
  • Long term strategy
    • Advisement on institutional compliance risk mitigation strategies
  • Periodic reports to the President’s Cabinet and the Board of Visitors
  • Coordination of response to regulatory inquiries


When to Contact University Compliance

  • Notice of an external agency inquiry (State or Federal)
  • Notice of an external regulatory visit
  • To plan for or conduct an internal Compliance Assessment
  • To communicate, discuss, or evaluate compliance readiness for emerging regulations
  • To navigate a potential or actual compliance-related incident or violation
  • To identify additional stakeholders who might need to be engaged in a compliance-related issue
  • To identify a compliance owner or partner
  • To discuss or navigate any compliance-related concerns or questions