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Class Officers

Senior Class Officers

Senior Class President
Nyah Ward - is a Senior majoring in Mass Communications from Lansing, Michigan. She is a member of Queen In You and the Student Activities Board. Her favorite thing about NSU is the university’s culture, the opportunities presented to their students, and how the staff & faculty inspire her to achieve greatness.


Senior Class Vice President
Jamie Borden- is a Senior from Hampton, Virginia majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in General Broadcast. Her favorite thing about NSU is how close-knit the student body is. NSU makes her feel at home.


Junior Class Officers

Junior Class President
​Jasmyne Harris- 
is a Junior majoring in Exercise Science from Henrico, Virginia. Her favorite thing about NSU is how the University never fails to uplift and push everyone to reach their full potential.



Junior Class Vice President
​Christian Kissee-  
Christian is a Junior majoring in Business Entrepreneurship from Martinsville Virginia. He is a member of the NSU Student Ambassadors. His favorite thing about NSU is how instantly connected he felt to everyone once arriving to campus. Norfolk State is really a home away from home and it’s definitely an environment where one can grow, learn, and prosper with individuals who also want that for you.

Sophomore Class Officers

Sophomore Class President
Zay'Kori Jones- is a Sophmore majoring in Psychology from Virginia Beach, Virginia. His favorite thing about the illustrious NSU is the way the University is able to showcase inclusivity with every student with different racial, sexual, and religious background! 


Sophomore Class Vice President
Renee Thompson-   I am a Sophomore majoring in Business Management from Fayetteville, North Carolina. My favorite thing about NSU is the family oriented environment. Everyone on campus is always there to help no matter the situation you’re going through.


Freshmen Class Officers

Freshman Class President

Freshman Class Vice President