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Contracts & Purchasing

Contracts and Purchasing

To obtain more favorable prices through volume purchasing and to reduce lead-time and administrative cost and effort, the University is required to purchase goods and/or services from mandatory sources and contracts as outlined herein.  Purchase by University staff of goods or services on mandatory contracts from non-contract sources may result in reduction or withdrawal of that agency’s delegated authority.

Mandatory State Contracts
The State has established mandatory use term contracts for specific goods and services. The University is required to check this listing for contracts, contract changes, renewals and mandatory use prior to placing orders.  If items are available, the University may not establish a contract for the same or similar good or service or use their local purchasing authority to purchase from another source unless the purchase is exempt by contract terms.  Contact Procurement Services to initiate and execute waivers. 

Mandatory Sources
The State has identified sources that are mandatory for use.   The University does not have exemption authority to circumvent use of the products and/or services provided. A waiver from the mandatory source is required prior to issuing any purchase order for the product and/or service sold or produced by any mandatory source.  Contact Procurement Services to initiate and execute waiver.

Virginia Correctional Enterprises
Provides products and services to state agencies by providing meaningful re-entry training for inmates, improving the lives of many across the Commonwealth as outlined by the Code of Virginia:

  • Furniture
  • Utility Masks
  • Safety Barriers, floor decals
  • Uniforms and Clothing
  • Signs and Nameplates
  • Ink & Toner
  • Document Management
  • Calendars and Planners
  • Banners
  • Printing
  • Promotional Items
  • Office Systems
  • Vehicle Conversion

Virginia Distribution Center
Cooperative procurement and distribution center for government entities.  Services Commonwealth of Virginia governmental agencies, mental health and correctional institutions, universities and colleges, localities and political sub-divisions

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Hand Sanitizer/PPE
  • Paper products
  • Batteries
  • Laundry Detergency
  • Drain Opener
  • Food (frozen/can)

Virginia Industries the Blind
Offers products to federal, state, and local government customers as well as the general public through-out Virginia, including manufacturing, retail and service oriented operations by persons that are blind or visually impaired.

Manufacturing Division

  • Mattress
  • Safety apparel for VDOT and others
  • Latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves
  • Janitorial and medical supplies
  • Pens, markers, highlighters
  • Mop Heads
  • Shower Curtains

Office of Graphic Communication
Full service provider offering print and internet media communications services to state agencies, institutions of higher education, local governments and non-profits organizations.

  • Concept and Marketing strategies
  • Creative Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Web Graphics
  • Photography Research
  • Art direction, illustration and production management

Optional Use State Term Contracts
The State has established optional use contracts for commodities that are used by all agencies and institutions. The use is not mandatory but offers cost reduction and processing efficiencies.

Information Technology Contracts

University Mandatory Contracts
The University has established mandatory use contracts for the commodities listed below.   Its use is mandatory for all University departments.   Exemption requests are stringently reviewed and are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Contact Procurement Services to initiate and execute waiver.

  • Print Management – Vendor:  ESI
  • Food Service – Vendor:  Thompson Hospitality
  • Travel Management – Vendor:  Covington
  • Exclusive Beverage and Concessions – Vendor:  Pepsi

University Term Contracts

How To

Procedure on ordering NSU Branded Items

The following steps are to must be completed to secure approval to order products bearing the University’s logo and tagline. 

  1. Submit your request to VCE at
  2. VCE will provide a proof and price quote.
  3. Forward proof to the Assistant Vice President of Communications and Marketing at for approval.
  4. The Assistant Vice President of Communications and Marketing will provide approval/denial via email.
  5. After approval, move forward with entering request in eVA.

Procedure on ordering IT hardware/software

Mandatory State Contracts

Mandatory Sources

State Term Contracts