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Spartan Echo

The Spartan Echo

The Spartan Echo, and Spartan Echo TV are dedicated to meeting the goals of serving Norfolk State University's communication needs and providing maximum opportunity for educational communication experience in fulfillment of the institution and the full spirit of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. The Spartan Echo is governed by the NSU Student Publication Board chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs (or their designee).

Student editors may develop their organizational policies and their own news and editorial content free from censorship and threat of reprisal, suspension or removal from office. Freedom of the press as guaranteed by the Constitution is not impeded or interfered with by the university or any of its agencies, staff, faculty, administrators or student government bodies. The university expects the student media will conduct their business in a professional and responsible manner, adhering to the canons of journalistic ethics (as established by the Society of Professional Journalists) and, as applicable, to the laws of the Federal Communications Commission.