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Facilities and Labs

IA-REDI Cybersecurity Laboratory (MCAR 613)

The IA-REDI cybersecurity laboratory contains approximately 60 workstations and laptops which are primarily used for cybersecurity research, cybersecurity training and cybersecurity competitions. This equipment is available for use by anyone taking Cybersecurity courses.

IA-REDI Digital Forensics Laboratory (MCAR 613)

This laboratory holds several key pieces of computer forensic hardware including mobile forensic kits from Paraben, CellDek and Cellebrite. In addition, there are several workstations including the Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device (FRED) from Digital Intelligence, a FREDC Digital Forensics File server and several write blocking and data acquisition kits. Forensic software includes commercial tools such as P2 Commander, Encase, FTK and Open source software tools such as Autopsy/Sleuthkit and volatility.This equipment is available for use by anyone taking Cybersecurity courses.

NSU Cybersecurity Complex (MCAR 605)

The NSU Cybersecurity Complex was an investment by the University consisting of a malware analysis laboratory, a cybersecurity lab powered by Hadoop clusters, a Cyberpsychology laboratory and a thirty-five seat cybersecurity training classroom. All of this equipment is available for use by SFS scholars.

Network Laboratory (RTC 213)

This laboratory occupies 1,476 sq. ft. and provides data communication and network equipment to support instructional, research and hands-on training. It includes a lecture area, hands on training area, and a main distribution facility.

Research Laboratory/Network Research (RTC 300) 

This laboratory occupies 1,312 sq. ft. and provides research support for computer science students and faculty. It provides a variety of hardware and software for network research; network security and defense, wireless communications, software defined radio, cognitive networking, wireless sensor networks and teaching special/advanced topics in networking.

Cloud Computing Security Research Laboratory (RTC 304) 

This is a laboratory consisting of VMware virtualization infrastructure and cloud products (vCenter, vCloud, ESXi, View and others). The laboratory has been used to investigate various issues in Cloud Computing Security.

NDG + Virtual Machine Appliance 

This equipment provides over 100 Virtual Machine laboratory exercises that can be accessed from anywhere through the use of a web browser.