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Suggested Items to Bring

This is a list of suggested items to bring for your room on campus.

For Your Room
Bed sheets and blankets (extra-long twin)
Pillows & pillow cases
Mattress cover
School supplies
Small throw rug
Combination lock (for your closet)
Air freshener (without electric socket)

Each resident is provided with furniture in their room that includes a bed, closet, drawers, and a desk with chair.

Electronics & Appliances
Refrigerator (4.0 cu. ft. or smaller)
Television set (32" or smaller)
Electrical curling irons/heating curlers (with enclosed heating coil)
Desk or floor lamps (except halogen lamps)
Personal computer or laptop
Sound system entertainment
Cable & Ethernet wires
Cable splitter
Surge protector (UL designation only)
Hair dryer
Alarm clock
Desktop fan
Desktop A/C
Desktop humidifier

Laundry Supplies
Clothes hangers
Laundry detergent & softeners
Laundry hamper or bag
Iron & Ironing Board

Cleaning Supplies
Small wastebasket (3-5 gal.)
Sanitizing & Cleaning supplies

Housekeeping Services: As a resident of University housing, you are responsible for keeping your room clean. The housekeeping staff is NOT responsible for cleaning individual rooms.

Personal Care & Bathroom Supplies
Toilet paper and shower curtain (triple rooms, Midrise, Spartan Suites, & Residential Complex)
Hygiene products (deodorant, feminine care, lotion, dental care)
Shower shoes/cap
Soap & Shampoo
Hair products (gel, brushes, combs, etc.)

Some Basic Supplies In Case of an Emergency
Flashlight with extra batteries
Battery-powered radio
Food (dried/canned)
Personal first-aid kit

Personal Property Insurance
Filed for Purchase Property Insurance

What Not to Bring on Campus

Please do not bring any of the following items. If brought, they will be confiscated. Housing & Residence Life will not be responsible for any confiscated item(s). In addition, students will be subject to disciplinary action.

George Foreman Grills
Hot plates & other heating appliances
Toasters & toaster ovens
Air Fryers
Ice Makers
Electric kettles & coffee makers
Extension cords
Multi-plug adaptors
Personal A/C Unit & evaporative air cooler
Portable/desktop heater

Room Decorations
Glow-in-the-dark stars/decorations.
Adhesive wall strips (Command, Scotch, or any brand) in the Residential Complex
Offensive alcohol/drug related posters or paraphernalia are not permitted.
Air fresheners w/ electric sockets
Contact/wall paper
No tacks, pins, nails, paste or glue is to be on the walls or wood works.

Bicycles in the room
Weight-lifting equipment