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Spartan Legion

Welcome to the online home of the Norfolk State University Spartan "Legion" Band!

Thank you for your interest in the Norfolk State University Spartan "Legion" Band!

In the world of collegiate marching bands, the award winning Norfolk State University Spartan “Legion” located in Norfolk, VA, has made a name for itself as one of the premier Marching Bands in the country. The “Legion” consists of 250 staff and student musicians, dancers, and flags from states nationwide, including, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. The “Legion” exhibits a presence evocative of the storied “Spartans”. They are regally attired in forest green uniforms with contrasting white overlays, gold capes and brilliant gold-plated helmets. Their varied synchronized and precise marching styles, inclusive of their fierce look and demeanor, include high-stepping, the rigid strut and the glide or military style. Their utter presence embraces and exudes pride, which is coupled with their robust and magnificent sound. They have been consistently critically acclaimed and have drawn rave reviews nationwide in all media. read more