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For Faculty and Staff

For faculty and staff

Student Access to Services and Programs

Starting March 23, 2020, freshmen and sophomores will continue to have access to Center advising, tutoring, mentoring services and (some) programs. Advising and tutoring appointments can be made using WCOnline at, which will automatically set up and online session.

Incomplete Grade Contracts

Incomplete Grade Contracts are an agreement between a professor and a student that provides the student with an opportunity to finish course requirements they could not complete during the active term.

Contract Guideline

The grade of “Incomplete” may be assigned only if:

  • The student is currently passing the course.
  • The student has completed at least 80% of the coursework.
  • Both student and the professor have agreed to the conditions listed on the contract.

Assigning the Incomplete Grade

  • Download and save the Incomplete Grade Contract
  • Open a new Incomplete Grade Contract for each Incomplete grade assigned.
  • Electronically complete all areas down to the "Registrar Section.”
  • Print the contract for signatures.  The contract should have faculty and student signatures.
  • Scan and electronically submit the form to for tracking purposes. HARD COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Keep the signed copy and provide the student with a copy.

Submitting the Incomplete Form to Change the Incomplete Grade

  • Once the student has completed the work, shade in the assigned grade and sign the contract in the "Registrar Section” on the hard copy that was signed.
  • Scan and electronically submit the form to  Hard copies will not be accepted.