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ShoreTel IP 655

Shoretel ip 655 help

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ShoreTel IP Phone 655 Quick Reference and User Guides


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ShoreTel IP Phone 655 Step-by-Step Tutorials

After you have successfully completed these tutorials, you will be able to:

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Dialing Instructions

  • Campus Calls - To place a call to another extension on campus (internal), if the number begins with 823 dial 3 and the last four digits of the campus telephone number (Ex. 823-1111 would be 3-1111). If the number begins with another exchange (i.e. 278-1111) check your phone's directory for the 5 digit extension. 
  • Local Calls - To place a call off campus (external), dial 9 + number (Ex. 9-823-1111).
  • International Calls - To place a call outside the United States (international), dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + number + authorization code (if required).

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Moving the ShoreTel IP 655 Telephone

ShoreTel IP 655 phones may be moved within a department or to another department. To move your ShoreTel IP 655 phone, simply unhook the phone from the network jack and the computer where it is currently located and rehook it at the desired new location. The phone number and call appearance will stay the same, but the new location will have to be verified through Telecommunications Services. To rehook the phone, simply:

  1. setup.jpg​Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the ShoreTel IP Phone.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a network wall port that supports Power over Ethernet. After a few seconds, the ShoreTel IP Phone powers on and runs through a series of system tests.

Phones that are moved between different departments may require a change in billing. Please notify Telecommunications Services at Telecommunications regarding phone changes between departments.

To move an analog line (fax machines, alarms, credit card readers) contact Telecommunications Services at or submit an online Support Ticket to Client Services at Support Ticket or call 757-823-8678. 

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Conference Calls

For information on how to place conference calls contact Telecommunications Services at Telecommunications

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Trouble Shooting and Repair

If your telephone display reads "No Service" or the phone will not turn on, it might require a reboot. Simply unplug your phone and then plug it in again. This will usually restore service. However, if it still does not work, make sure: 

  • Your phone is plugged-in to an active network jack.
  • Your line is plugged into the correct port on the phone (network image).
  • The handset is plugged into the correct port on the phone (handset port - not headset port).
  • See Moving Your ShoreTel Phone for instructions on how to properly hook-up your phone.

If additional assistance is needed, contact Telecommunications Services at Telecommunications

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ShoreTel Phone Replacement and Charges

To order new/replacement phones or services click here

655_A2.jpgThe ShoreTel IP 655 replacement charges is $599.20 and the monthly rate is $35.00.


GN 9125 Mono Wireless GN9125-Wireless-Headset.jpgHeadsets with Jabra Link 14201-20 EHS Adapter Cord - $225.00.

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