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Brand Message and Purpose

Norfolk State's new brand and visual identity enables the University to speak about our strengths and mission clearly and cohesively. It is our blueprint for ensuring that we communicate with one consistent voice–in person, in print, digitally and electronically. By doing so, we amplify our voices, and strengthen the image and reputation of Norfolk State University every time we communicate. This endeavor can make a vital contribution towards achieving the objectives of our strategic plan. Each of us can help by working within these guidelines.

Brand Mission Statement

Norfolk State University has a history of providing life-changing opportunities for students without regard to their race, gender, socio-economic status or age.

Generations of students and alumni credit their success to the opportunities they began to see for themselves at Norfolk State and the faculty who recognized their potential and challenged and supported them.


We See the Future in You.

Key Message

The One Message We Want To Reinforce Consistently.
Norfolk State University has transformed the lives of generations of students and alumni who have gone on to rewarding lives and careers, often exceeding their own expectations. They credit their success to the opportunities they began to see for themselves, and prepare for, at NSU.

Voice and Tone

Uplifting, Inspiring, Confident ...Full of Hope and Promise