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State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) is the Commonwealth's coordinating body for higher education. Its mission is "to advocate and promote the development and operation of an educationally and economically sound, vigorous, progressive, and coordinated system of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia and to lead state-level strategic planning and policy development and implementation based on research and analysis. The Council shall also seek to facilitate collaboration among institutions of higher education that will enhance quality and create operational efficiencies and shall work with institutions of higher education and their boards on board development.”

To fulfill its mission, SCHEV makes higher education public policy recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly in such areas as capital and operating budget planning, enrollment projections, institutional technology needs, and student financial aid. SCHEV administers a variety of educational programs that benefit students, faculty, parents, and taxpayers; and serves as a catalyst to promote greater access, quality, affordability, and accountability throughout the system. SCHEV also helps policymakers, college administrators, and other concerned leaders work cooperatively and constructively to advance educational excellence.

Academic Responsibilities

The Council, with academic policy and approval authority, approves public institutions’ new degree programs, instructional sites, degree escalations, and mission statements.  It also coordinates state policy on transfer, student learning assessment, military-related students, and other topics. The Academic Affairs staff communicates and works with institutions on academic policy through the Instructional Program Advisory Committee, which consists of chief academic officers of public institutions and one private institution representative.

Please see the University's approved Degree Inventory

Degree Level Degree Program Name CIP Code
Associate's Degree AS Architectural Drafting 15.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Accountancy 52.0301
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Biology 26.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Business 52.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Chemistry 40.0501
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Computer Engineering Technology 15.1201
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Computer Science 11.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Construction Management Engineering 15.1001
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BA Drama and Theatre 50.0501
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Early Childhood Education 13.1209
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Electrical and Electronics Engineering 14.1001
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Electronics Engineering Technology 15.0303
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BA English 23.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Exercise Science/Physical Education 31.0505
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BA Fine Arts and Graphic Design 50.0701
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Health Services Management 51.0701
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BA History 54.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Information Technology 11.0103
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS/BA Interdisciplinary Studies 30.9999
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Mass Communications 9.9999
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Mathematics 27.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Medical Technology 51.1005
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BMUS Music 50.0901
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Nursing 51.3801
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Optical Engineering 14.9999
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Physics 40.0801
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BA Political Science 45.1001
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BA Psychology 42.0101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BSW Social Work 44.0701
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BA Sociology 45.1101
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree BS Tourism and Hospitality Management 19.9999
Master's Degree MA Community /Clinical Psychology 42.2801
Master's Degree MS Computer Science 11.0101
Master's Degree MA Criminal Justice 43.0104
Master's Degree MS CyberPsychology 42.2899
Master's Degree MS Cybersecurity 11.1003
Master's Degree MS Electronics Engineering 14.1001
Master's Degree MHA Healthcare Administration 51.0701
Master's Degree MS Materials Science 40.0802
Master's Degree MA Media and Communications 09.9999
Master's Degree MMUS Music 50.0903
Master's Degree MA Pre-Elementary Education 13.1209
Master's Degree MS Social Work 44.0701
Master's Degree MA Special Education 13.1007
Master's Degree MAT Teaching 13.0101
Master's Degree MA Urban Affairs 45.1201
Master's Degree MA Urban Education 13.1299
Master's Degree MFA/MA Visual Studies 50.0101
Doctor's Degree PhD Clinical Psychology  (w/ODU and EVMS) 42.2801
Doctor's Degree PhD Materials Science and Engineering 40.1001
Doctor's Degree PhD Social Work 44.0701
Certificate CERT Accounting 52.0301
Certificate CERT African and African Diasporan Studies 54.0101
Certificate CERT Going Places/Tourism and Hospitality 19.9999
Certificate CERT Health Services Management 51.0701
Certificate CERT Logistics Management 52.0101
Certificate CERT Paraprofessional Education Program 13.1001

Last updated 5/27/2021