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Academic Advisors

Purpose of Academic Advising

The purpose of academic advising at Norfolk State University is to accommodate all students so that they can make reasonable decisions as they set and enact the goals of their lives. Academic Advising is also an important part of NSU’s commitment to the process of educating our students by providing the development and communication of accurate information regarding course selection, degree programs, resources, university policies/procedures, and career opportunities intended to assist students in attaining educational goals. Academic Advising at Norfolk State University, however, is centralized and is organized and delivered in specific ways assisting students with 60 or more credit hours. The individuals facilitating advising are professional advisors with offices situated in both schools and colleges.

Services Include:

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Academic skill development
  • Academic Recovery Program (intrusive advising for students in academic jeopardy)
  • Registration
  • Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) planning
  • Career Planning
  • Graduate School preparation
  • Other referrals as necessary


The departmental advisors work diligently and demonstrate integrity in support of the highest standards of excellence for the University. Our program prides itself on mirroring the core values of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

Our advising program contributes to student success by empowering students to create and adhere to meaningful education plans, develop academic skills and gain self-reliance through a comprehensive variety of professional services and programs.

Goals of the Professional Academic Advisor

The professional academic college/school advisors review major requirements, discuss course options, inform students of special opportunities in their program, and support them to graduation. In addition, the goals of the professional advisors are to assist students with completing their academic careers and guide them towards their professional goals.