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New Online Registration Process for Students to Launch in Fall 2021

by John Oliver -

The Registrar’s Office and the Office of Information Technology will launch a new and improved online registration application for the Fall 2021 semester. The new Self-Service Student Planning Web Application makes the registration process more straightforward for students and should allow for a smoother registration process for students and faculty. The new application is expected to improve online registration, on-time graduations, advisor support and institutional forecasting for course offerings to result in a more streamlined process.

faculty in front of a computer

“The new tool is slated to give both the student and the advisor flexibility in being able to register for classes. This tool is a course planning and registration tool combined,” asserts Linwood F. Moses, Office of Information Technology Project Management Office Director.

One of the main focuses of the new tool is to allow greater student involvement. “The idea is the student will be able to plan their courses out for the semester or for the year. In the long-term, the hope is that students will be able to plan their curriculum out for two or four years,” Moses adds.

The new tool replaces Web Advisor, the previous application.

student in front of computer

“With the old process, it was more of a manual-type operation. The advisors would sit down with the students, run the evaluation to go over what courses they took and what courses they needed to take, and all of this would have to be done in person,” says Michael Carpenter, NSU Registrar. “With Student Planning, you don’t have to be sitting with the student physically to do it. You can do all of that online because you’ll be able to see what the student is seeing, and the student will be able to, instead of having to print out an evaluation, go to Student Planning to see what courses are laid out and what courses they need.”

Sylvia Brooks, Director of Academic Advising and Tutoring Services for the School of Business, states, “Student Planning is a beneficial tool for the students because they can keep track of their program requirements and they can create their academic plan for the current semester or future semesters, build a graduation timeline and schedule and register their courses.”

Student Planning will support the roles of academic and faculty advisors. The advisors are able to track their advisees’ progress towards fulfilling their degree requirements, communicate with their advisees and assist with creating a class schedule for future semesters,” she says.

Training, both online and in-person, for the new system will be provided to faculty advisors, academic advisors and students. Students will also be able to access the new tool through their tablets, smartphones or laptops.