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Policies and Procedures

This Office seeks, pursues, solicits and manages funding opportunities for research and other sponsored program activities university-wide. Opportunities are found by establishing contacts with agency program officers, department heads, and other corporate officers; by conducting on-line searches, reviewing various sponsor notifications, and by personal contacts. Responsibilities also include establishing relationships with potential sponsors, identifying university resources, matching university capacity with agency needs and promoting the university to external sponsors.

Pre-Award Policies and Procedures

A proposal is a request for support of sponsored research, instruction, or extension projects, and generally consists of a cover page, brief project summary, technical or narrative section, biographical sketches of the key personnel, and a detailed budget. Learn more

Post-Award Policies and Procedures

After an award has been made, changes affecting items such as the budget or the award period are sometimes necessary. While there is some consistency in governmental agency regulations regarding post-award changes, each agency does have its own rules. Awards from non-government sponsors are also governed by rules specific to each sponsor. Learn more

Personnel Issues

PPM Policies & Procedures cover Policy 35, Time and Effort Reports (TER) as well as program management issues. Learn more