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Norfolk State University Preschool Academy provides field and clinical based, practicum and intern experiences to senior level students. The program also provides observation and participation experiences to students enrolled in Early Childhood, Elementary,  Special Education, and other departments. The students must complete all forms required by the Center for the Professional Development office and receive approval prior to participating at the Preschool Academy. Students in other discipline areas must complete the required intern or participation hours in accordance with their course guidelines. 

It is the program’s goal to provide a high standard of learning and teaching experience for students and enhance their professional growth.

Practicum Students

Practicum students will receive initial program and classroom related orientation from the director of the Preschool Academy.

Observation Level I and Observation/Participation Level II students:

Students who are enrolled in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education courses are required to complete observation and observation/participation hours. Students will have an opportunity to observe effective teaching strategies, classroom management skills, teacher-child interactions, and use of technology in the classroom.

Observation Level I students must complete 10 hours of observation hours. Level II students must complete 20 hours of observation/participation hours and must plan and implement one lesson in the classroom. All observation students must contact the Preschool Academy's office within three days to schedule the observation hours once they receive confirmation from the Center for the Professional Development office.

Work Study Students

Students must receive Federal Work Study Award for employment at the Preschool Academy. Work study students will perform as Teacher’s Aid to assist administrator, teachers, and children. Work study students must submit all required forms by the Work Study office and receive the work contract from the Work Study office prior to working at the Preschool Academy. Students can work up to 20 hours per week until they have completed hours for the award amount for each semester.

Student Handbook

All students must read the Student Handbook and agree to adhere to the Preschool Academy's policies and procedures. Students are required to receive orientation prior to their participation at the Preschool Academy.

Preschool Academy Forms for ECE Practicum and Work-Study Students