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University Readmission
/ Return to Active Status program

The Readmission / Return to Active Status Program is designed to facilitate the education and subsequent graduation of Norfolk State University students who left the institution prior to earning their degree. 

What are the eligibility requirements for the Readmission Program?

  1. Former Norfolk State University student

  2. Twenty-four (24) years of age or older

  3. No enrollment in NSU classes for the previous five (5) years

What is the difference between being readmitted as a Readmission Program student and regular readmission?

Students who meet the eligibity requirements for the Readmission Program and have a GPA of 1.9 or lower may also apply for grade forgiveness. If granted, all failing grades will be deleted from the calculation of the GPA (not removed from the transcript) raising the GPA to 2.0, which allows the student to be readmitted to the University.

What degree programs may students pursue with this program?

Students who participate in this program may pursue any undergraduate degree program available at the university and will be advised on degree completion requirements.

What is the application process?

Contact the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center at 757-278-4386 to request an application packet.